Day 105: Zero in Hot Springs, NC

Sep 25, 2013
Apr 14, 2021

Currently sitting in Elmer's Sunnybank Hostel... Feeling sort of run-down after the last stretch of trail, I let myself sleep in this morning. I heard the drizzling rain outside already, and my mind wandered to the forecast for all-day rain. On the day I'm supposed to go across Max Patch, the first spot I ever walked on the trail in my whole life? Nope, I decided I was taking a zero. Danko felt the same way, so my resolve got even stronger. But what would we do all day? The lounge had been closed off as a private room. I could only assume we'd go insane. We decided to head on over to the other hostel in town, Elmer's. Once we got there, we knew we had made the right choice. Elmer has run this historic hostel for over 35 years. It's in a historic house, and it had everything we needed. A TV for movies, a library full of books, and comfy beds. We were all set. We settled in and read before going about our normal town business of eating and laying around some more. With most of our chores done from yesterday, all that was left was to recharge. Like most rest days, this one was helpful to let me reflect on how far I've come and too get me excited about the challenges up ahead. Max Patch and the Smokies...then I'm home free! One last rest before the final two-week push seems like it was the perfect idea. I'm antsy to finish, but now I'm well-rested too. I would write more, but I really didn't do much today outside of eating. I also drank a beer from a brewery in nearby Asheville: Highland's oatmeal porter, an old favorite. I'm off early tomorrow and once again find myself scheming a higher-mileage alternate plan. Hmmm....