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Royal Arch via Chautauqua Trail

Mileage1.9 mi
Elevation gain1600 ft
Elevation loss388 ft
Most strict dog regulations: Leash required
Least strict dog regulations: Leash, or voice and sight control

Route Description

Start off by pointing up the Chautauqua Trail. At the start you will find maps and regulations as well as trash and dog poop compost bins.

Stay right on the Chautauqua Trail as a spur trail branches off to your left.

Stay straight on the Bluebell-Baird Trail as the Bluebell Mesa Trail joins in from the left.

Take the branch to the right as you shortcut towards the Royal Arch Trail.

Take a right as you join up with the Royal Arch Trail.

Take a left to head up the Royal Arch Trail.

Reach a pass before beginning a short and steep descent. This pass is a nice place for views and a rest.

After bottoming out, begin a short and steep ascent. You are almost there!

Before you know it, you will be looking through Royal Arch.

Pop through the arch, and watch your footing, as you gaze out to the eastern plains. Denver is to the south (right).