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If you are like me, it can be frustrating to get generic advice or recommendations. When scouring the web before visiting a new area, I certainly get stuck on a lot of poorly thought out lists of hikes. Articles with little substance. Sure, "Top Ten Must-Do Boulder Hikes!!" is a title that would generate some serious clicks, but you might not find much useful information in there. Best hikes...for who? In what season? What if I am looking for a certain type of outing? I get that nagging feeling that a townie would tell me about trails I never heard of. Or at least, that townie could ask me a couple questions about myself and give an informed recommendation. Well, just call me your Boulder townie. Everyone is different, and I want to answer your specific questions.

Don't worry, I am not saving or selling your contact info; I will just use it to get in touch with you!