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Hikes by destination

Sometimes you choose where to hike based on desired trail characteristics, and other times you choose a trail because of where it will take you. This page is for the latter case: browse destinations on the map above or in the list below, and from there you can choose a route.

Around Boulder, the trail network is so dense that there is an infinite number of arbitrary route variations that will bring you to an endpoint. I have tried to narrow down the choices while still covering all the use cases I can think of.

I am always improving this section with new destinations and new routes as I try them out. So check back often to see what is new.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to ask for recommendations. I have hiked a lot more trails in a lot more places than I have documented on this website. Just tell me a little bit about where you are looking to hike, and we will go from there.

The First and Second Flatirons are a couple of beautiful flakes of rock jutting off Green Mountain. This is an extremely popular hike from an extremely popular trailhead. Like many in Boulder, it is short and tough.

There is 1 route option for First and Second Flatirons in the database.
Woods Quarry is a nice lookout spot on the front side of Green Mountain. The hike to get there is relatively easy for Boulder.

There are 3 route options for Woods Quarry in the database.
Bear Peak is the tallest and most rugged mountain on Boulder's skyline. If you gaze south past the Flatirons, you are looking at it. Every route to the top is challenging, with enough elevation gain that the effort is comparable to some of the tamer 14ers. Hike it to get transported to another planet, with views all the way to Denver, the Rockies, and more.

There are 9 route options for Bear Peak in the database.
Royal Arch is a unique geological feature around Boulder. The hike itself is difficult but short, and offers an option to keep dogs off-leash the whole way.

There are 2 route options for Royal Arch in the database.
Green Mountain is a Boulder classic. You'll get sweeping views that are every bit as compelling as you'd have on the more challenging Bear Peak. With routes ranging in difficulty from easy to strenuous, most hikers can find a trail that suits their taste.

There are 8 route options for Green Mountain in the database.
Mount Sanitas defines the skyline of North Boulder. Less intimidating than the giants to the south, Green Mountain and Bear Peak, it allows a relatively quick round-trip with rewarding views the whole way.

There are 4 route options for Mount Sanitas in the database.
Mallory Cave is a moderate hike that gets you feeling tucked into the folds of the foothills. The cave itself is seasonally closed for bats, but the hike is very enjoyable either way.

There is 1 route option for Mallory Cave in the database.
Flagstaff is more easily accessible by car, but there is an option to hike the mountain from the bottom. If you have the ability and the desire to hike a mountain from the bottom, I would recommend looking elsewhere before subjecting yourself to Flagstaff's multiple road crossings.

There are 2 route options for Flagstaff Summit in the database.