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Oct. 11, 2019, 12:11 p.m.

Did some rage-running with murph. She got confused, then nervous, then hesitant. One of those times she forgets everything she knows. It was a new route, and I think she got stressed not knowing what to expect with so many new turns. As usual, I figured this out too late and was already upset, and nearly home. Sometimes she gets to a place where she needs a while to calm down (like we all do), and I was expecting her to behave like normal - smart and responsive. Maybe writing this stuff down will help me remember next time. All that to say - the power spikes are real. I picked it up without noticing it when I got frustrated. At times, I was breathing like it was an interval workout. Woops! Sometimes I need to be tricked to run fast... 221' strava, 238' garmin.