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Oct. 24, 2019, 2:43 p.m.

Forget the run - would you look at that messed up National Map elevation at the high point? I saw a similar error in the National Map DEM when I ran the hogback a little further to the north. Wonder what's up with that data? Usually google and national map data agree pretty well. But here, it seems like there's a chunk of national map data that is anomalously high and has not been corrected. It messes with my power/adjusted speed curve - the elevation data indicates I scramble up a steep slope (I do not), and my power/adjusted speed spike. Just something to watch out for. That's why multiple data sources are useful, even if they make workout logging a little tedious. The run was nice. I'm just trying to get into a groove, something that is proving to be a little difficult unless I deliberately plan out my weeks. Motivation ebbs and flows. 367' strava, 324' TP, 361' garmin.