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Sept. 18, 2019, 3:25 p.m.

[Later] One of my first running explorations of the north boulder area. Decided to head northwest toward foothills park and figure out the routing on the fly. Surprised to hit a dead-end; Boulder loves to create pedestrian connections even when streets stop. Not sure if that speed spike in the beginning is real. HR spiked, but I don't think it was as fast as the data indicates. GPS died next to the dog park, and I logged the rest of the workout on mapmyrun. 3.55 mi extra. Ballpark estimate says I've been getting a little less than 10 TSS per mile, so I'll say 30 for the untracked section. My left knee was worrying me a lot. It already had been, but this run amped it up. I was running quicker than usual heading uphill, and I could feel it complaining already. By the time I headed downhill, it really wasn't fun to run and I wished I could be home. I even stopped to stretch a few times because the pain (and worrying) had stopped my enjoyment of the run. Of course, trying to shorten the run with unknown shortcuts actually made it longer.

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