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Nov. 9, 2019, 9:17 a.m.

Ditched murph for my long run so I could do it continuously - there's something about grinding with no breaks that seems a bit more challenging. Went north to a trail that had intrigued me; unmarked on maps but marked with a sign IRL. Turned out to be pretty choppy singletrack winding along below the hogback. The spot was enjoyable and pretty, but I couldn't safely look up from my feet very often.
Also, noticed I had been chugging along until that singletrack, then I had to dial it back and never recovered. Maybe my initial effort was unsustainable. I just thought I had gotten back after it once I had better footing later. Thinking back, my HR had climbed, and I wasn't feeling super in the heat. Probably a combination of targeting a pace based on that elevated HR, and actually feeling kind of crappy. I told myself to just run by feel, and I think I mostly did, but I may have also peeked at that HR too much.
After taking a look at Activity Segments, it does seem like I went out too hard. The section on the new trail is in the area of extreme disagreement between google and national map elevations. National map looks smoother, perhaps in a more realistic way, but also includes climbing that I'm not sure happened. Google is choppier but more realistic in terms of absolute elevation. Bottom line is that both sources seem to exaggerate my work in the ambiguous zone.