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Nov. 13, 2019, 11:22 a.m.

Sanitas Valley hill climb w/ 6 strides at the end.
Definitely felt it at the top of the valley. Kept my turnover high, and my HR under control, but I just haven't done intensity in a while. Out of nowhere, I thought I might yack. Stopped < 1/4 mi from the top. Counterintuitively, I was proud of myself for not keeping on grinding, even though people were around. The intensity was climbing and it wasn't really what I signed up for - which was a moderate, high-turnover jog of the valley trail. After looking at the power-based intensity for the climbing segment, it seems I was working harder than my HR let on. Still tinkering with the HR stress metric - still seems to overemphasize slow stuff and underemphasize fast stuff.
Strides at the end were enjoyable again in the warm weather. I've gotten lucky the past couple weeks. Quads had some residual soreness / twinges. I hope I succeeded in striding, not sprinting - the recovery time after last week's session was ridiculous.
I feel good now, the kind of rush of endorphins that comes after lifting weights or running a short race. It's not as pleasant to go to those tougher places, but at least the afterglow is pleasant.
Walked all the way to 26th and still hadn't finished finding satellites. Just started running.
678' strava, 741' garmin.