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Sept. 22, 2019, 9 a.m.

Connecticut car retrieval.
[Later] This run was a big turning point for me. My left knee had been causing me more and more pain, even as I tried to take it easy. Seemed like nothing I could do would help; it always hurt. But on this run, things got better. It was a phone-less, GPS-less point-to-point run in Connecticut, through heat and humidity that I had kind of forgotten. It was only 80, but I have apparently grown unaccustomed to a wet 80 degrees. Without any guidance from tech, I ran by feel, and I don't even know how fast or slow I moved. I ran by feel, and I felt good. Knee didn't complain...maybe creaked once or twice, but it was a happy day. Woo!
7.35-mi run on mapmyrun. TSS estimated based on typical runs that net ~8 TSS/mi. Duration assumes 8 min miles.

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