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Nov. 22, 2019, 2:44 p.m.

First lap with murph, second lap solo. I thought I would be warmer with the sun out, but it is so low these days! When I'm on the cold side, it seems like I have an easier time going fast. Could just be me trying to warm up and stay warm, or it could be a lack of warm-weather physiological alarm bells. But whatever it is, it sure seems like I drop up to 5-10 bpm for a given effort when I'm cold.
I felt pretty sore at first, but it got shaken out. I felt like I was working harder than normal for the pace, but upon analysis it seems my pace was just higher than I thought. Also, turnover was high.
I woke up feeling that good soreness from Sanitas yesterday. Hill workouts are good for strength. I also felt like all my stabilizers really went through it; I was sore in different ways. Finally, I just felt beaten down by that run yesterday. Melted into a puddle at dinner, it felt like. It was an enjoyable type of fatigue that made me feel at rest, even into this morning. I'm convinced that winter running is harder than it is possible to account for. The bad footing, the changing weather and its effect on layering/body temperature (both hot and cold), the moisture. I like it.
A teeny bit longer than my previous typical runs. Either yesterday's workout or today's run kicked off a new, slightly higher weekly target volume. I went with Daniels' rule of thumb of 3-4 weeks of steady volume, then increasing by one mile per run per week. I went from 36-ish mpw (need to verify) to 42 mpw. A proportional increase in all my runs brings typical runs to 6ish and long runs to 12-12.5 mi.