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Nov. 28, 2019, 9:05 a.m.

Thanksgiving. Amazing run. Indescribable. Got into flow early and often. Snowpack route with some new exploring. Took off puff for most of the run and zoned out, enjoying the feeling of brisk air. Effortless to be grateful on this run.

For Sarah and her role as a partner who generally allows me to come as I am. Just what I needed (and continue to need) to learn and grow.
For living in Boulder with great year-round running and hiking options and weather.
Short term, for this winter storm, allowing me to slack off or adventure as I choose. Snowpack, low traffic, still air, sunshine. Ideal moment for me to run: naturally air-conditioned. Go faster, get cooler. Stand still, get warm. The snowpack makes for an unavoidable low intensity, no agenda, every street becoming enjoyable.