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Nov. 27, 2019, 1:36 p.m.

Much more orderly snow run today, but just as enjoyable. Rather than trenches and footholes, I mostly had packed snow and plowed paths. Bless the City of Boulder for making paths such a priority after storms. Really makes it feel like pedestrians matter. And thanks to the property owners who clear their sidewalks so quickly and well.
I just kept the intensity low again, for safety's sake, and enjoyed some soft footfalls on a bright afternoon.
Started to theorize that my low HR on cold days may also represent a truly lower intensity. Actually struggled to keep cadence high because I was kind of skiing with a long/exaggerated touchdown. Fixed this when being mindful. Was hot going uphill: wearing an extra synthetic layer beneath my long sleeve. Felt very warm and I was really sweating. Felt great going downhill. 20 degrees in still air with sun is tough. Your temperature just depends.