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Nov. 26, 2019, 1:28 p.m.

Snow day! We received 21 inches of snow. When I took murph outside first thing, it looked so magical and quiet and empty. I knew I'd have to go check it out, and I wanted to see different parts of the city. Ran right down the middle of Pearl Street because there were no cars using it.
The first part of the run was dominated by running through knee-deep snow (in a trench) just trying to stay upright, and then slipping on ice where cars had driven. The multi-use paths north of home had been plowed at some point and made for more regular running.
I was sore in my leg adjusters and a bit in my upper body. This was definitely a different type of run, but I struggle to quantify how. Aerobically, I was working a bit harder than the pace indicates (bounding through snow), and I needed to concentrate much more than usual. Activated different muscles than typical dry running, I am sure. I sort of adopted a cross-training mindset. Just went out to see the city, have fun, and be safe. Succeeded!