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Jan. 18, 2020, 10:06 a.m.

Got stopped by the longest train that comes through Boulder! I mean...I wasn't crossing the train tracks to get to the Cottonwood Trail. That must be a GPS error.
First long run since before Thanksgiving. Makes sense. But importantly, this one felt pretty good. I really like the route I laid out *chef finger kiss*. I think it was a nice mixture of uphill and downhill. I always like heading uphill first, and the climb up Norwood felt easier than the other day. I was a bit chilly at first, but my clothing choice was correct overall: beanie, long sleeve, shorts, gloves. Shoes and socks too.
Really no complaints. Great sunny day. I wish it could have been continuous without the train. Of course I psyched myself out in the last 0.05, omg omg I'm feeling awful I'm gonna die. But I talked myself outta that because it wasn't true...felt good.
Broke up the first segment to isolate the elevation weirdness with the national map data around Wonderland Lake.