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Jan. 24, 2020, 1:56 p.m.

Felt pretty good and just enjoyed myself. Took a bathroom break.

Decided there was no harm in doing a longer run, as I skipped yesterday. I really do agonize about what to do when I miss a run. I suspect almost anything is OK, because of the way I ramp up mileage: 3 weeks at constant load, then increase. What is one missed day in that big chunk? I may be a little conservative, but I like to feel confident in each step of my training before I move on. In the past, I would pursue aggressive mileage increases, and I wouldn't change the plan at all if I missed multiple workouts. I didn't see the gains I wanted; it felt like I was always struggling to catch up.
So now that I've missed a single workout, I give myself permission to run a little farther on the other days, which I enjoy. 5 miles is a little short to find a groove.