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Feb. 6, 2020, 11:46 a.m.

Just had to get murph out in the snow. I liked it too. Put 7L of water in my pack.
Gregory canyon TH was closed off, so the trail was pretty sparsely populated. I was too hot at first, even with my jacket around my waist. Then I got into a good temperature range near the lodge, and my HR dropped way down even as I worked hard. I was right on the line of being too cold. Then I had two jackets on at the top. I was slimy the whole time. Winter temperature management is messy. Murph had a blast, even with snowballs on her paws that I kept needing to pick off.
The new snow was compacted into a trough down low, but wind had blown snowdrifts onto the trail on the ridge. It was still powdery enough throughout to allow me to run downhill in boots. Or maybe the right word is skate.
Winter hiking is just harder in a way I struggle to capture. It's hotter a lot of the time, I'm wearing heavy boots, I'm hiking on snow, and I am wearing a heavyish pack. So many factors that it seems silly to try and compare this type of effort to a steady run under constant conditions, apples-to-apples. But I will keep striving to do that.