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Feb. 9, 2020, 2:18 p.m.

I successfully waited out most of the snowfall. It had been falling consistently in the morning, and I just didn't feel like putting up with so much moisture on my run. I found a pause in the snow and the sun almost came out. It became enjoyable to run. The first part, before cottonwood, had a lot of slush because of cars on not-that-cold roads. Then from cottonwood onward it was patchy snow on trails, with more coverage closer to the foothills. Running up the mound near Foothills Park was the most snow I dealt with - I really had to slow down to keep from blowing my lid. But heading downhill was way easier with soft snow. My pants started to fall down because I was bounding so far. I would say the mound is a little more challenging going clockwise (the opposite direction I went today). I just climbed for a longer time going clockwise. It's more consistent and runnable too. The backside is so steep.
Glad I got out. I'm starting to get used to running in all kinds of weather.