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Feb. 23, 2020, 6:21 a.m.

Was finally able to get out the door for a morning run. It was unusually warm when I woke up (above 40), and the forecast called for snow later in the day. I thought about how much of a pain it is to head out into cold dark conditions after work. I decided it would be more enjoyable to run in the morning this time. It's generally something I want to do more often - frees up my afternoons for more fun or relaxation or even chores. In fact, I am surprised I've been able to summon the energy to run after work most days. But how does it all affect my training and my life? Well, I figure I'm prioritizing the run itself when I head out early. The recovery is a little tougher, because then I head out to work and stay on my feet most of the day and I tend to not even drink enough water! As opposed to going to work without running, feeling more fresh all day, then feeling slightly more drained for my run. Although I haven't felt especially drained during those afternoon runs. If anything, I felt more primed to run. My legs have felt less stiff. I just wanted to jot down my thoughts on AM vs PM running while they are fresh in my mind. I've been improving lately and I am paranoid about changing something and setting myself back. But I tell myself that running in the morning is a lifestyle choice that I prefer overall, and the consequences are something I can figure out as I go.
I really tried to take it easy on this one. I wanted it to function as a recovery run, making my legs feel better rather than worse after two activities yesterday. I think I succeeded, but I also think I could have gone even slower - it is really hard to hold back that much when I feel fine! I worked with a bit of a tailwind on the way out but didn't know it. So on the way back, my focus was on keeping it easy despite naturally wanting to push through the wind. Really had to focus on tuning into my effort level when the wind made the run seem more x-treme. Especially because the wind was a little chilly, my tendency was to speed up to keep warm. But I paid close attention, and realized I was warm enough without speeding up. Oh those automatic habits.
Was too impatient to wait for GPS signal - I didn't have a lot of time before work. I knew my body would properly record the workout even if my watch had trouble.