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Feb. 27, 2020, 3:58 p.m.

A little backstory:
- Yesterday's run just wasn't happening. I got off work and was super frazzled. It felt much better to spend time processing and unwinding with my pup. I was due for a rest day, too. I've decided to take a less prescriptive approach to rest days: having a general sense of how often I want to take a day off (once a week typically), but waiting until I really FEEL like having a rest day. As long as I'm not overreaching with my workouts, I've typically been someone who takes enough rest days. And yesterday was time for a rest day. I'm glad I listened to me.
- My legs definitely felt sore/clunky because I rode my bike to work today. The way there was very enjoyable, a comfortable downhill spin at sunrise. But the westerly winds kicked up in the afternoon, and I was already riding uphill. I put in more of a workout on my return biking trip than I was expecting.

With that out of the way, today was an ordinary, enjoyable run. My perceived effort was up, at least as far as my legs were concerned. The sensation definitely reminded me of the feeling after getting off the bike in a triathlon (I don't have much experience there, but it felt similar). Kind of clunky/chunky/idk. I just didn't feel as fluid as I normally do. But the pace was pretty comparable to other runs. I think in the future, I'd only ride TO work, not back. It was just so much harder than I expected and it made this run harder than I was looking for.