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March 1, 2020, 1:10 p.m.

"Hey, I got off work early...I'm gonna enjoy a run at Boulder Valley Ranch!" While this is generally what happened, I did not expect so much mud and snow remaining. It's been pretty warm for a while, and snow hasn't been falling much. But nonetheless, big sections were absolute slop. I was successful at staying zen about putting in the work even if I wasn't able to set a record today (I had been toying with the idea of trying to set a personal best on this route). I felt fine overall, especially when the trail was dry. I definitely noticed my mind working differently after spending so much time on the roads lately. It was all "omg what pace am I doing, what does it mean, how does this translate to road running???" I wish I could say I vanquished that self-talk, but it still nagged me. I felt silly for running through mud when I could have just done something straightforward on the roads. But in hindsight, the trail run was the better call. When it comes to route selection and pace lately, I have been consistent to the point of monotony. At least I was working something different today. I know it was harder than pace and grade indicate, but I struggle to quantify how. I guess the trail conditions are one of those x-factors: things that have an effect on effort and biomechanics, but are not captured in my analysis. The only thing to do is compare slippery runs to slippery runs, or run the same route in a variety of conditions.
Not much else to report. Run wasn't super intense. Cold winds from the east, upper 30s and overcast. It snowed later.