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March 2, 2020, 5:19 p.m.

So many dogs on the momo lap. She had such a blast that it was hard to feel upset. I felt in a better mood watching her. Had to stop for a bathroom break after the momo lap. Wise decision. Felt good overall. Definitely wasn't feeling like running though. Like, I knew I would feel better after the run. But it feels monotonous sometimes. I wonder if this is a sign to add some variety in the form of different-length runs or new structured workouts. It's easiest to just step out the door and run, but perhaps paying more attention to my runs/being more purposeful would increase my enjoyment. I'm starting to think so.
But it also is hard to feel motivated as the sun sets. It just feels like it's time to tuck in and be at home. I'm sure summertime will alleviate that effect, but it'll be hot! I really just need to get in the morning running routine. However, I'm protective of my quiet time first thing! But I haven't been able to enjoy that quiet time when I'm working in a couple hours. So I might as well run! Then I really CAN tuck in when I get home at night.

Data note: This weird situation happened again. See 4:22 - 4:44. Speed drops down rapidly, corresponding to a stop. But right BEFORE the speed drops, the equivalent-power speed INCREASES. There isn't any terrain feature that's making this happen. This also occurred on some run where I stopped to tie my shoe. Same thing, if I remember: an increase in equivalent-power speed right before a stop. I'm sure it is something in heartandsole.