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March 7, 2020, 7:36 a.m.

It was a nice warm sunny morning. I did a short warmup jog with more clothes on, and that seemed to get me ready. I didn't need to hustle at the start of the real run just to warm up. But also it was just a warm morning!
I felt less snap in my legs, which was welcome information. Lately my leg muscles have felt like tightly wound springs - my cadence stays high effortlessly, but it's a little uncomfortable. After a couple of hikes yesterday, my legs didn't feel so tight on this run. Moving slowly felt natural and enjoyable. That was the tone of this run.
I cut murph off at the 2-mile turnoff. She seemed to be dragging behind me and I wondered if she needed more rest after hiking yesterday. She might have been warm too.

There it is again! A spike in power right as I slow down to a stop! What is the deal with that? Since I'm dialing in my algorithms, I'm not able to just ignore an anomalous power spike anymore. I'm gonna have to fix that soon, otherwise my confidence in my overall analysis is undermined.