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March 24, 2020, 9:09 a.m.

Still felt pretty sore, and I'm just tired of it. Rather than do my usual "run just a little bit slower and hopefully tomorrow I can run my normal pace", I actually slowed down today. Just stopped looking at the watch. I needed to recover, and I set out to do it. I decided I needed to see my decreased intensity in my analysis. Too often do I set out with the vague goal to run easy, only to see an intensity score that is similar to my regular runs. Today I chose to go SLOW! I embraced those stoppages when murph needed to meet a dog. I fully felt the discomfort of running fast and said "no thank you". I did not grin and bear it. And I had a great time. I even went a little further than I planned, because I wasn't worried about just finishing. I wonder if this is the point where I'm running too much mileage to do everything fast. It sure felt nice and restorative to go slow today, and I'm also interested in trying some more faster running - it might be natural to carve out some different paces from day to day. I almost forgot tempo runs were a thing until the other day!