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March 28, 2020, 7:21 a.m.

Started out feeling weirdly winded. Gotta wonder if it's related to depleting my W' for the first time in almost a year? It was nippy but not too windy, so I ran in a long sleeve, shorts, and gloves. I just felt weird at first when I was trying to warm up. I felt myself sucking wind and my HR was higher than it has been for comparable efforts. Not sure if that was real data, but it sure felt real. Unclear on what was happening to my body, I quickly decided today would be another easy day. I didn't overthink things. The clumps of wet snow had frozen on sidewalks and trails, creating a weird mix of slippery and sticky conditions.
I am noticing that ever since I consciously took some runs slow, my easy pace is slowing down. I don't think that is an issue at all, something to monitor maybe. I am naturally running at a more comfortable pace, whereas before it felt like my engine wanted to go fast, forcing my muscles to do its bidding. My muscles often felt weirdly, uncomfortably tight on a run, and I worried an injury was looming. This feels more sustainable. If I do back off on my easy runs, it creates room to move some of that intensity into workouts. Maybe a tempo run every week to start. Gah how do I do tempo runs in a hilly place? Maybe I can go somewhere flat to get tuned into the effort level. Why am I planning my future training in an activity's comment section?