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April 3, 2020, 8:37 a.m.

Didn't feel like doing anything heroic today. Just wanted to log a long run. This one didn't seem especially apt for any particular kind of growth - it was more about logging miles. It was enjoyable to run at a time with so few people out. Getting around folks while maintaining 6' distance can be tough around wonderland lake these days. The lack of people was no accident - I deliberately chose to do this long run on a chilly morning after a rainy/snowy day. The ground on the trails was mostly frozen still (another plus) - my only muddy-shoe experience came less than a mile from home, from running off-trail over a silly hill.
Drank COFFEE before this run. I've only been doing that before long runs. I like how it works: I don't miss coffee during the week, and on long run days I get an electrifying pick-me-up, and drinking coffee simulates my race-day behavior (when races re-appear in the future).
Really had to pee from the moment I headed down from the Wonderland Hills neighborhood. Unfortunately, I put off finding a spot until much later, after enduring the jostling of a long fast downhill. I should just pee as soon as I feel it and I find a good spot. I've had to play some painful waiting games like this on long runs lately.
A few hours later, I feel pretty beaten up. I'm gonna head out and walk momo to get some juices flowing (and re-processed). I really feel like laying in bed the rest of the day, but I bet the walk would be more beneficial. And I definitely owe it to mo.