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April 4, 2020, 4:25 p.m.

Part II of my first official double day. Nearly 60 and sunny to start, switching over to clouds (which felt nice). I never felt that dread over this run. Could be a lot of things: maybe I'm excited to get started doubling and this run represented a first step, maybe the run in the morning shook off my rust and made it more difficult to feel the dread, maybe I'm happy because it's the weekend and I am in the middle of a block of days off. Maybe everything!
Started slow because that's just what felt right. My legs didn't feel rickety like they do on the first run of the day, but they also didn't seem to want to go very fast at first. I listened. Eventually they had to speed up, because I was screaming down the hilly streets east of Mount Sanitas. I expected the zig-zagging through a hilly neighborhood would be tedious and annoying, but I liked the changes of pace. I might just do more runs like this, less of a steady-state and more variety.