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April 4, 2020, 7:47 a.m.

Trying something new: doubling. I will be splitting my daily mileage into two runs whenever possible, except for my weekly long run or when a workout requires more mileage.
This isn't the first time I've doubled - I tried it out back in high school when I was trying to emulate what successful runners did. I didn't understand much about training then, so I would try something random for a few weeks at a time and then lose confidence and move onto something else. This time, I understand why I'm doubling. Now that I have ramped up mileage quite a bit from my typical training, I've been feeling a little more dread about daily runs. I often don't have time to squeeze them in before work unless I hustle (and throw out most of the rest of my morning routine, which I enjoy). As a sort of side-effect, I've been doing whatever it takes to get out the door, which often has meant leaving murph at home in order for me to zone out and just get it done. Doubles seem to be a great solution: my morning run can become a nice recovery jog with momo, with no worries about pace or stops to meet dog friends; and my afternoon run can become whatever I want it to be - a workout or a second easy run (maybe a little quicker). I can mess around with the split as I wish, maybe switching the morning session from a shakeout jog to a quality session as the days heat up and the sun gets up earlier. Or just based on my preference! My daily mileage is finally high enough to split without having a ridiculously short run. What is more, many many coaches advise their higher-mileage runners to double. The reasoning seems to be all over the map, but all signs point to this being a positive component of training. I can't wait to dive into the science and coaching philosophy here.
Not too surprisingly, I don't have a ton to say about the run. My legs didn't seem to remember the long run too much - felt like a normal day. That makes sense since I've been sticking with the same long run duration for 4 weeks now. I wore my puff and was a little warm, but too stubborn to change clothes on such a short run. So I just slowed down and put up with some sweat. I also developed a case of bubblegut near the finish. Nothing is biologically settled first thing in the morning!

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