Day 4: Rainbow Stream Lean-to to Potaywadjo Stream Lean-to

Jun 16, 2013
Apr 14, 2021
3599 ft
4006 ft
18.2 mi

I'm not going to be modest: today was a solid day. I woke up at 5 and got on the trail with Mulligan at 6. We moved slower than the Sobros but we had the early start. I felt much better going more slowly. We hiked up and over Nesuntabunt Mountain and reached Wadleigh Stream Lean-to around 10:30. I was amazed. We met a guy from Israel who had been hiking for about a month and was jonesing for a cig. Sadly we couldn't deliver. We ate an early lunch and hiked on. We saw a couple of streams to ford in our guides, but they turned out to be nothing. Both were easy with just a little water up to my thighs. We got passed by the Sobros at some point and saw a broken down truck from like the 50s. It was upside down. How did it get there? 1.jpg

An abandoned truck in the middle of the woods??

It was muddy a lot (usual in Maine) and then it rained later in the day. We put on our pack covers and booked it to the shelter, where 7 other sobos were waiting, but we made room! We'll see what we can do in the rain tomorrow.