Day 27: Zero in Lincoln, NH

Jul 9, 2013
Apr 14, 2021

Well would you look at that. No miles in my ledger for the day. Wouldn't it make sense that this would be a sunny day? Ah well, better to enjoy town. The day started after ten hours of restful sleep with chocolate chip pancakes at the Pancake House with Pirate and Smiles, two sobos staying at Chet's. My resupply at the gas station was pretty light because I still had so much food from the Whites. I checked out North Woodstock, which was too far away for me to walk in the first place, and I decided to go back to Lincoln, home of more restaurants I wanted to visit. I watched Pirate and Smiles mail their bounce boxes ahead then went to the library to try and upload the old blog. I fear that something is going on in my phone, because most of my recent entries seem to be stuck in the "saving" mode. I really hope I can access them, because it's hard to communicate the pure joy I felt on some of those days. Frustration abounds. A new crop of guests rolled into Chet's, including a sobo named Smithy. He's tired of people mispronouncing his name as Smitty, and he's considering changing it when we cross the Vermont state line. I have similar feelings about my own trail name; I've heard of Roosters from every year including this one. But at the same time, it's just a name, and it's my name. I'll learn to embrace it! Smithy and I bummed around town, failing to find beer on tap because goodness knows we weren't walking two miles to North Woodstock. We settled for a mexican restaurant with margaritas, which pleased me. After stuffing our faces a bit, we headed over to Price Chopper to buy food to stuff in our faces tonight and tomorrow. When we got back, the hostel group helped me down a half-gallon of cookie dough ice cream. In the morning, I have stashed myself a six-pack of maple cake doughnuts, which I can't wait to taste. Early day tomorrow, off to bed.